Understanding the Philippines

What you might not know about the Philippines and child poverty

The Philippines comprise a vast island nation in Southeast Asia. This archipelago of more than 7,000 islands boasts sandy beaches, towering mountains and volcanoes, tropical rainforests and an incredible wealth of natural resources and biodiversity. Humans have called these islands home for thousands of years, predating historic records. Today, the Philippines incorporate a staggering number of languages, ethnic groups, religions and cultures. Despite its status as an emerging market, however, nearly half of all Filipinos […]

A Full Belly for a Full Curriculum

Our International Feeding Program helps children in the Philippines

The Pinagpala Feeding Program is a project started by Children Incorporated at the Pinagpala Children’s Center in Tagaytay City, Philippines. In 2000, the center was founded by a local church to provide educational assistance to local children in need. Like Children Incorporated, the Pinagpala Children’s Center operates on the mindset that the cycle of poverty can be broken – and it begins with children. The Pinagpala Feeding Program The Children’s Center primarily serves first-through tenth-graders […]