We enroll new children in our program every day, and finding enough sponsors for all of them is one of our greatest challenges.

The global need is so profound that some children wait months for a sponsor. Children Incorporated currently has about 2,000 children enrolled in our program who are still awaiting sponsorship. Helping them to get clothes, food, and school supplies gives them the assistance they need now until they are sponsored.

A shared Hope story

Meet Anthony.* Anthony lives in Richmond, Virginia, and is in elementary school at our affiliated project, Blackwell Elementary.

Anthony was desperately in need of new shoes

During the warmer months, students at Blackwell wear flip flops and sandals to school. But when the weather gets colder, children start to wear tennis shoes and boots. Our volunteer coordinator at Blackwell Elementary, Jeffery, noticed that Anthony was wearing a pair of shoes that were obviously and painfully too tight. Jeffrey contacted Children Incorporated and expressed that Anthony’s need for shoes was so immediate that there was no time to get Anthony enrolled in our program and then wait for a sponsor. Children Incorporated approved the request and sent Shared Hope Funds right away.

Jeffrey shopped around and found a good pair of gray Nikes on clearance. When Jeffrey gave Anthony the shoes, Anthony sat in Jeffrey’s office and cried. The next day Anthony brought – without having been asked – a thank you note for Children Incorporated sharing that the Nikes were the first pair of new shoes he had ever had for himself.

Jeffrey said they talked about proper shoe care, and Anthony is extremely proud of and careful with his shoes. The laces are tied, and he keeps them clean.

How you can help

Donations made to our Shared Hope Fund provide immediate assistance to children awaiting sponsorship.

$25 provides a pair of shoes for an unsponsored child

$50 provides school supplies or holiday gifts for one child

$100 provides school supplies or holiday gifts for two children

$500 fills sixty book bags full of food for children on the weekends

$1,000 provides school supplies or holiday gifts for twenty children

$2,000 provides school supplies or holiday gifts for forty children