Imagine you are a parent and your little boy has had a fever off and on for days now; he is always tired, and his body aches. You think he has malaria. All he needs is medicine, but you are poor and can’t even afford to take him to the doctor — much less get him the medicine he needs to get better. But if he doesn’t get help soon, he could end up having breathing problems for the rest of his life. Or worse, he could die. You are desperate and feel helpless.


Trained professionals run the Dandora Clinic in Kenya.

This is a reality for too many families in and around Kenya’s capital and largest city, Nairobi – but the community clinic at the Dandora Community Center is making a difference. With your help, they can reach even more families, preventing unnecessary health problems, and even death.

Offering services for everyone

Right now, the center looks after the well-being of over 400 kids and counting. Most of its patients have malaria, intestinal parasites, or upper-respiratory infections — or they are pregnant women looking for prenatal care.

The Dandora Community Center wants to offer more health care services, and it has space and the staff with the know-how to do so — but the clinic isn’t in good enough shape. They would like to add family planning, long-term treatment of illnesses, lab services, minor surgeries, and early childhood care to the list of services.

With your help, they can reach even more families, preventing unnecessary health problems, and even death.

In need of more supplies

But they need an estimated $8,000 to make repairs and improvements before these additional services can be offered and they can reach an even wider area. The clinic must buy an autoclave, kits for dressing wounds, a microscope, a machine for testing blood, and a scale for weighing babies. There is plenty of space for the clinic to expand, but the building is in need of repair; the inside needs to be painted, walls need to be redone, and the floor needs tiles.

The location of the Dandora Community Center is also ideal for reaching a large number of people in Nairobi, as it is surrounded by slums, which house more people than less poor areas do.



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