Five Questions with Shelley Callahan

An interview with the Phil VA

The following is an interview conducted in June 2021 with the Phil VA which also can be found here. *** Did you ever have to worry about going to school on an empty stomach, without a backpack of supplies or shoes? Shelley Callahan, Director of Development at Children Incorporated, explains how many children living in poverty in Richmond, in other parts of the U.S. and around the world face these situations every single day and how it affects […]

A Special Gift for the Holidays

An interview with sponsor Bill Hafker

When we think about Christmas, we often think about giving the perfect gifts to family and friends. Gift-giving comes in all forms – whether it is buying a loved one a sweater, writing a poem for them, or making them dinner – it is a meaningful way to show others that you care. For sponsors Bill and Ilene Hafker, their idea of gift-giving is to help children in need, involving their friends in the process, […]