History, Heritage, and a Helping Hand

Shonto students conserve Navajo culture while working for their futures.

Shonto Preparatory School isn’t like other public schools. Located in northern Arizona, the school is in the heart of the Navajo Nation, and serves children who are economically poor, but rich in culture and history. Most Shonto families don’t have running water or electricity, but yet they take daily classes to learn a language that was first written down only a generation ago. They have little money for clothes and school supplies, but they supplement […]


The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

We are delighted to announce a new partnership that will help even more children rise above poverty. The International Student Exchange (ISE) has chosen Children Incorporated to be one of two partners selected for its new “Giving Back” initiative, which includes a six-figure contribution to support our domestic programs. It’s a good match. After all, we both bring strangers together to build bridges between social, economic, and geographic divides. Just imagine what we could do together. “I am […]


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

OUR Warm Clothing Fund Spreads warmth to children as temperatures drop For most children, winter is a time of joy as they wait hopefully for snowfall and deep freezes. For those without warm clothes, however, winter is a season of cold and hardship. That’s a problem volunteers and donors at Children Incorporated have been working to fix for almost 25 years. Children Incorporated’s Warm Clothing Fund raised $30,000 this year to provide coats, gloves, boots, […]

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Stocked Up for Now

Why We Keep the Back to School Fund Open All Year Round

Most parents are familiar with the ubiquitous school-supply shopping list: two boxes of crayons, nine jumbo pink erasers, 47 glue sticks, one box of tissues, three boxes of markers… But when your kids run out of pencils halfway through the year, you just buy more. When the backpack inevitably falls apart by January, you buy a new one. In Eastern Kentucky, few have that luxury. As we hand out school supplies for Children Incorporated’s back-to-school […]