Inside the Backpack Lies Choice, Agency, Style, and Self

Providing children with school supplies makes a world of difference for them and their families

Eastern Kentucky is a hotbed of hand-me-downs. We do a lot of work in the region, and this time, we’re here to drop off school supplies and check on the children as they begin the new school year. The thing I’ve noticed most is that children here have nothing new – unless it’s something we just handed them. When you’re handing out school supplies to children whose parents couldn’t provide them, there are a lot […]

Top 10 Most Popular On the Road Stories of 2016

It’s been an amazing year. Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to feed and clothe children all over the globe, and provide them with supplies for the school year. Your donations also made it possible for us to send holiday gifts this season to tens of thousands of children whose stockings would have otherwise been empty. It has also been our pleasure to report on our projects around the world, from rural Morgan County, […]

Fitting In with the Crowd

Our program has kept one special student from feeling different from other kids

Situated in the hilly rural Eastern Kentucky Coalfield region of Appalachia, Leslie County is an area of stark contrasts. Its breathtaking rugged beauty and veins of coal drew its first residents there more than a century ago; and for generations, coal mining served as a primary source of employment for its residents. For some students, whether they are sponsored or not, our program not only provides them with basic needs, but it also affords them […]

High Enrollment and High Hopes in Kentucky

Valley Elementary School serves nearly 1,000 children in Pike County

Nestled in picturesque mountains and steeped in a rich cultural heritage, Pike County is situated in the very heart of Appalachia – an economically depressed area that stretches from the Virginias to Tennessee and Kentucky. This was once a thriving region, as a result of the success of its then bustling coal and lumber industries. In 1994, however, the Eastern Division of The Pittston Company closed its coal mines. Today, rampant unemployment and widespread poverty […]

A Lack of Transportation in Kentucky

In Lawrence County, many children and adults don’t have the means to leave their homes

In late August, Shelley Oxenham, U.S. Projects Specialist for Children Incorporated, and I traveled to Lawrence County, Kentucky to visit Louisa Middle School and Lawrence County High School. The two schools are located in the Eastern Kentucky Coal Field region in a very rural part of the state. The county is one of the largest in the state, meaning the distances between stores, homes, schools, and businesses are vast. There is no quick trip to […]

Stocked Up for Now

Why we keep our Back to School Fund open all year round

Most parents are familiar with the ubiquitous school-supply shopping list: two boxes of crayons, nine jumbo pink erasers, 47 glue sticks, one box of tissues, three boxes of markers. But when your kids run out of pencils halfway through the year, you just buy more. When the backpack inevitably falls apart by January, you buy a new one. In Eastern Kentucky, few have that luxury. As we hand out school supplies for Children Incorporated’s back-to-school […]