Stories written by Children Incorporated

Learning English at an Early Age

The English Medium Hostel in India prepares children for the future

As our Director of International Programs Luis Bourdet continues his visits to our affiliated India, we hear about his visit to the English Medium Hostel, where learning the English language is a focus for students. Welcome to Dornakal “Within the Dornakal Diocese, Children Incorporated provides support to six programs. One is a child care center and five are homes or hostels, including the English Medium Hostel. All our affiliated sites are administered by the Church […]

Coordinator’s Report: Huguenot High School

Casey thanks our sponsors for all their support

Dear Children Incorporated, This is a huge thank you to all of our donors and you all at Children Incorporated. Here at Huguenot High School we have so many students in need. This year you all have provided support for our sponsored children and all Huguenot students through Hope In Action by providing Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)  kits midyear. We have many students dealing with anxiety and social issues on a regular basis and because of […]

Coordinator’s Report: Cannonsburg Elementary School

Julie thanks our sponsors for all their support

First of all, I want to say thank you to the sponsors and this wonderful organization for bringing hope and life into our students and families who utilize the Children Incorporated sponsorship program. We have been able to use the funds in so many ways to enhance their home lives, education, health and overall wellness this year. Because of your program, we have witnessed children who have been bullied and made fun of for their […]

Our May 2024 Impact Report

Our former coordinator Melanie writes a heartfelt impact letter to our sponsors

For nearly two decades, our former volunteer coordinator at Menifee County Middle and High Schools, Melanie, worked closely with children in our program who struggled having very little consistency in their lives outside of the support they received from their sponsors. Today, we hear from Melanie, who retired from her position last year, about how Children Incorporated was so important for her students during her many years as the school’s resource center coordinator. Melanie’s Letter […]

Coordinator’s Report: Herald Whitaker Middle School

Paula thanks our sponsors for all their support

Being a resource coordinator there are many things that we are supposed to do and incorporate into our job. Hygiene, self-care, self-love and understanding the impact and importance of this is something I try to educate my students on. The Children Incorporated sponsorship program has such a wonderful impact on my students. Children Incorporated helps me to make sure students’ needs are met every day they attend school. I love how the students receive gifts […]

Coordinator’s Report: Salyersville Grade School

Kelly thanks our sponsors for all their support

According to the Kentucky State School Report Card an overwhelming 73.2% of Magoffin County Schools students are economically disadvantaged. Being at a disadvantage grossly impacts every single factor for a student’s success. Children’s Incorporated is such a wonderful program that truly helps eliminate some of these challenges for students and families. Changing children’s lives As I begin writing this, I think that I wish I had some profound sentiment or big life changing story. Then, […]