How do I include Children Incorporated in estate planning?

There are many ways to include Children Incorporated in your estate plans, including bequests, IRA/401(k) designations, annuities, and charitable remainder trusts. For more information, please contact us at (800) 538-5381. We will work with you to create the plan that best meets your needs.

What giving opportunities do you offer?

In addition to our child sponsorship program, which assists children in the United States and 19 other countries, Children Incorporated maintains a variety of special funds that support our efforts in meeting the needs of children living in poverty around the world: The Seeds of Hope Annual Fund supports administrative costs and will ensure that Children Incorporated can maximize the impact of support we provide to the children we serve. Contributions to this fund will […]

Is it possible to visit my sponsored child?

It is possible to visit sponsored children; however, since we work with a network of volunteers and affiliated sites, we cannot guarantee that all affiliated sites are open to sponsor visits. Circumstances vary from area to area. If you are interested in visiting your sponsored child, please contact us for specifics relating to the child and affiliated site. If your child’s site does allow visits, we ask that you contact us at least 45 days prior to […]

Why do you rely on volunteers to implement your programs?

We work primarily with volunteers for two reasons: First, we have found that volunteers are in the best position to meet the unique needs of each child. All of our volunteers are teachers, social workers, guidance counselors, school principals, or other childcare professionals. They work with the children enrolled in our sponsorship program on a daily basis, and they observe firsthand the circumstances of each child’s life. Second, working with volunteers allows us to keep […]

May I volunteer with Children Incorporated?

At this time, our only regular volunteers are the on-site program volunteers who manage affiliated sites around the world. Sometimes there are volunteer opportunities at our Richmond, Virginia headquarters. Please call our office at (800) 538-5381 for more information.