The Toll of Political Turmoil on Children

In Lebanon, sponsored and unsponsored children are affected by internal and external issues

Lebanon’s political climate has long been riddled with conflict, which is often further stirred by external factors. Thankfully, however, our affiliated projects the Armenian Evangelical Schools (AES), a group of affordable private schools, offer a well-rounded education to children living in poverty and suffering from political turmoil. Children Incorporated’s partnership with the AES spans decades. Over the years, we have been able to support thousands of children through our sponsorship program. About Lebanon Lebanon is […]

Two Important Ways You Can Help Children

Our President and CEO, Ron Carter, highlights our Shared Hope Fund and our Higher Education Fund

Dear Friends, At any given time, we have over 1,000 children on our waiting list for sponsorship. Currently, there are more than 600 unsponsored children in our United States Division alone. One of our organization’s most difficult challenges is finding enough sponsors to support all the children referred to us by our network of volunteer coordinators. After being enrolled in our sponsorship program, some children wait many months — even years — before they are […]

What You Should Know About Child Poverty and Health

Facts and statistics about how poverty can keep a child from being healthy

When parents aren’t able to provide adequately for their children, kids are subjected to health issues such as malnutrition and insufficient healthcare, which can lead to increases in school absences, tardiness rates, incidents of illness during class, and untreated health problems. Children from impoverished families are also more likely to be admitted to the hospital, which further increases the number of days on which they are absent from school. Poor families suffer from increased infant […]

From Trash to Treasure

A school in Lebanon has launched a recycling project to help deaf children

We don’t usually relate recycling to helping deaf children, but at the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf (FAID) in Lebanon, a project involving plastic bottle caps is doing just that. The children and administrators at FAID have started collecting plastic bottles caps. For every 600,000 caps they collect, the school recycles them for money that is used to buy a new hearing aid for a needy child in attendance, many of whom are Syrian […]

Poverty Threatens not Only Children’s Health, but also Their Education

When children aren’t healthy, they are at risk of missing school and falling behind

As a child assistance organization, Children Incorporated understands well the correlation between children’s health and their ability to receive an education. We often hear from our volunteer coordinators at our affiliated projects in the United States and abroad that children living in poverty are at risk of falling behind in school. Our coordinators often note that children haven’t eaten over the weekend, so they are too hungry to concentrate in class; or sometimes that kids […]

Helping Children in Lebanon Hear

Sponsor and donors provide hearing aids to deaf children in Beirut

Children Incorporated works in collaboration with the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf (FAID) in Riad El Solh Beirut, Lebanon. Among the students who attend this school are many Syrian child refugees who have been hearing-impaired since birth. Their families must face the enormous challenge of adequately accommodating the special needs of a deaf child while fleeing their home country in search of safety. The need for more sponsors These refugee households are particularly lacking, since without any support from the Lebanese government because of their immigration status, it is incredibly difficult for them to provide […]