No One Here Wants to Go Home

Children at the Dandora Community Center in Kenya after linger long after school is out

School lets out every day at 4 o’clock at Dandora Community Center, but the kids tend to hang around until long after 6. Luis pointed it out to me when we returned to the school after visiting the Dandora slum — children milled about on the property, still playing games with one another, even though school had been over for quite some time. Sheltering the most vulnerable Dandora provides meals, healthcare, […]

Escape Route

Looking for a way out of the Pumwani slum

Luis and I landed in Nairobi around 6 p.m. As we drove through the city from the airport to get to our hotel, I was surprised to see how developed Nairobi was, especially compared to Addis Ababa. Huge billboards selling bottled water towered over newly built roads, and the sidewalks were lined with green landscaping. We passed tall, gleaming buildings in the city’s business district which reminded me of an American city. MILES AND MILES  […]

Ready for Takeoff

Children Incorporated staff visit affiliated projects in Africa

It’s a long way from Kentucky to Ethiopia – 7,432 miles to be exact; twice as far as the Bolivia-to-Kentucky trip we just made. One would think the differences in the three locales are profound, but other than the climates, they are strikingly similar. Children play in the roads near dilapidated homes and other signs of obvious poverty. But they laugh and sing, clad in pants and t-shirts and sneakers, pretending to be sports stars […]

From Kentucky to Kenya

The universal truth of children

“I don’t know who gave us these bikes, but tell her I love her!” The boy’s words keep echoing in my mind as we make the eight-hour trek from Kentucky back to Richmond, Va. Over the course of the last several weeks, we’ve met with so many children I’ve nearly lost count, but their faces and words stand out in my memory. Kentucky and Bolivia are worlds apart, but there are many similarities between the […]

One Clinic, So Many Lives

The Dandora Clinic helps more than just children

Imagine you are a parent and your little boy has had a fever off and on for days now; he is always tired, and his body aches. You think he has malaria. All he needs is medicine, but you are poor and can’t even afford to take him to the doctor — much less get him the medicine he needs to get better. But if he doesn’t get help soon, he could end up having breathing problems for the rest of his life. Or worse, he could die. You are desperate and […]