A Fully-Baked Idea Brings Economic Stability to Brazilian Moms

Mothers of the CARITAS-Novo Milenio Center are learn baking skills

When the mothers of the CARITAS-Novo Milenio Center presented the community’s children with their signature jumbo-sized birthday cake, they had a lot to celebrate. This year marked the fifth anniversary of the Grupo Art’Mulher, a group of women who formed a community bakery which sells cookies, breads, handmade pasta – and, of course, cakes! Novo Milenio is a poor district outside of Lages, Brazil, a country that simultaneously contains some of the world’s richest culture […]

Recanto Esperanca

A brighter future for a neighborhood on the brink

The glamour of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio is a day’s drive away from Uberaba. But, to the children who live in this small neighborhood on the outskirts of Curitiba in dilapidated shacks on unpaved roads, the Olympics might as well be on another planet. Children Incorporated sponsors five separate projects in Brazil, helping 170 kids gain access to necessities and opportunity. While each program has a place in Andreia Beraldo’s heart, it’s Recanto […]