We hope that you will assist your sponsored child until he or she leaves our program.  This may occur when a child graduates from high school, moves out of our service area, or for a variety of other reasons.  Due to the transient state of many families and the difficult circumstances of the regions where they reside, we cannot predict or guarantee how long a child will remain enrolled in the Children Incorporated sponsorship program, although we make every effort to provide services to children for as long as possible.  When a child leaves our program, it is our policy to select another, equally-needy child for you to sponsor, in the hope that you will accept this new child and continue to partner with us in changing lives.  Unfortunately, we usually lose contact with youngsters once they leave the sponsorship program (as we do not maintain personal addresses or contact information for any of the children).  Even so, the positive impact of your generosity – both upon the individual child and upon his or her community – endures!