Sponsorship contributions may be made by check, money order, credit/debit card or ACH transfer (debit from a checking or savings account).  Checks or money orders may be mailed to Children Incorporated at 4205 Dover Rd., Richmond, VA 23221.  Contributions via credit/debit card or ACH transfer are accepted online or over the phone. The current sponsorship rate is $30 a month ($360 a year).  Contributions may be made on a monthly ($30 a month), quarterly ($90 every three months), semi-annual ($180 every six months), or annual ($360 every twelve months) basis.

You may also have these contributions recur automatically (as charges to your American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card; or as debits from your checking or savings account).  Please contact our office at (800) 538-5381, or send us an email at sponsorship@children-inc.org for more information.