Rosanne Cash – Grammy Award-winning Artist

“The personal attention to the children and programs is exceptional and rare, but what is really unique about Children Incorporated is that they know who they are. They have a vision for their best, most productive self; one that retains their uniqueness and effectiveness, and they are acting on realizing that vision. You can trust them. You will know you are truly helping real children, in real time, and you will know how every penny you give is spent. I know this from 25 years of experience with Children Incorporated.”

Stephen Kamande Murugu – International Division – Kenya

“Sadly, many children in Kenya don’t have the support they need to obtain an adequate education. Many of them are provided basic education in Community Centers that spring in the middle of the slums. They are victims of either HIV/AIDS or rural war-torn tribal conflicts which have taken the lives of their mothers and fathers and they move to the city to populate the already crowded existing slums. One such child was Stephen Kamande Murugu. Orphaned as a young boy, Stephen grew up near the Dandora Community Center in Nairobi, Kenya. An affiliate of Children Incorporated, the center staff enrolled Stephen in the CI program. With help from his Children Incorporated sponsor, Stephen over the years was able to continue his education, receive invaluable preventive healthcare, encouragement and emotional support. Today, this young man runs his own trash collecting business. The business is successful enough to employ several men within Stephen’s community. Thus, the effects of child sponsorship are far-reaching. Not only did Stephen’s Children Incorporated sponsorship make a difference in his life, but it touched the lives of countless others, as well.”

Sandra McCray – Coordinator, Sparta Elementary School – Sparta NC

“We at Sparta Elementary school would like to thank the Children Incorporated program for all your generous and wonderful help. Because of this program we have met the needs of over 120 needy children with fall clothes, and we are now purchasing spring clothes. We purchased non-perishable food items from our local grocery store and fixed a variety box for all our CI students. We also bought several toiletry items, Christmas gifts, and book bags with supplies. Also, Hope in Action has provided money for our students to participate in field trips.”

Lisa Shilot – Fort Gay Middle School, West Virginia

“I have once again had the pleasure of working with Children Incorporated for another school year. Our less fortunate students received classroom supplies and appropriate seasonal clothing throughout the year. Hygiene products and items needed for school projects were also purchased as needed. Children Incorporated also helped with a special gift so that our graduating CI students could participate in the 8th grade graduation trip to New York City. (Although they had been fundraising, many came up short.) Each one had a proper outfit and money for food. This trip provided an opportunity that several of these children will never have again. They were SO excited to ride on a charter bus and stay in a hotel for the first time, and you can imagine what a culture shock NYC was to them.”

Brenda Hale – Family Resource Youth Services Director – Fairfield, Kentucky

“I do not know what would happen at my school without the Children Incorporated program. Through the program, we know more about our students and their families than we would otherwise. The clothing that we are able to provide to students makes them feel more like they fit in with everyone else in the classroom. It lets them forget, if only for a little while, the way their families struggles at home. I cannot express enough the need for Children Incorporated in our schools! As I stated, I DO NOT know what we would do without the support from the CI program.”