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Located in the easternmost portion of Africa, Ethiopia is ecologically diverse, comprising desert steppes, highland plateaus, towering mountains, and tropical rainforest. Archeological evidence suggests that people have called this land home for tens of
thousands of years. With one of the first known alphabet systems, Ethiopia is truly a cradle of civilization.

Your support makes all our work possible for Ethiopian children in crisis.

Today, it is the world’s most populous landlocked nation. Its wealth of natural resources lends itself to Ethiopia’s primarily agriculture-based economy. Coffee is its primary export. However, in a land already susceptible to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and droughts, the turmoil brought about by political instability, lack of adequate medical services, and a general deficiency in human rights have plunged much of the nation into abject poverty. Diseases such as malaria, typhoid, and dengue fever are tragically common as many Ethiopians lack access to safe water and are not able to practice safe hygiene and sanitation. Lack of education is both a result of and a contributing factor to the widespread poverty plaguing Ethiopia.

Challenges for Children in Ethiopia  

In Ethiopia, children’s very lives and futures are at risk, as poverty leads to lack of educational and basic resources. Right now, vulnerable children in Ethiopia need your help.

  • Nearly 36 million children in Ethiopia are living in poverty
  • 88 per cent of children in Ethiopia under the age of 18 lack access to basic services
  • Children from poor households and children in rural areas have far less access to clean water
    than those from more affluent households
  • Less than 20% of children from very poor households finish primary school
  • Less than 25% of children living in poverty receive all basic vaccinations

Our Work in Ethiopia

Thanks to caring people like you, Children Incorporated has helped thousands of impoverished children in Ethiopia since 1964. 

We work with our volunteer coordinators in local communities to provide health and nutrition, education, hygiene items, clothes, shoes, and other essentials that help children and families rise above the poverty in which they live.

Our strategy is to focus on individual children through our sponsorship program, ensuring they are receiving exactly what they need on a regular basis. Your support makes all our work possible for Ethiopian children in crisis.


How do I sponsor a child in Ethiopia?

You can sponsor a child in Ethiopia in one of three ways: call our office at 1-800-538-5381 and speak with one of our staff members; email us at sponsorship@children-inc.org; or go online to our sponsorship portal, create an account, and search for a child in Ethiopia that is available for sponsorship.


written by Children Incorporated

We provide children living in poverty with education, hope and opportunity so they have the chance for a brighter future. Thanks to past and current supporters around the globe, we work with 225 affiliated sites in 20 countries to offer basic needs, emergency relief, and community support to thousands of children and their families each year.

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