Time to Depart

During his last project visits in South Korea, Luis Bordet reflects on his travels

After spending nearly a month visiting all seventeen of our affiliated projects in South Korea, our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, visited the Yung Shil Ae Yuk Children’s Home and the Yong Jin Children’s Home as his last stops before returning to the United States. The Yung Shil Ae Yuk Children’s Home Located in Okcheon, the Yung Shil Ae Yuk Children’s Home serves 34 underprivileged and orphaned children. The home itself is made up […]

No Distance Too Great

For kids in South Korea, sponsors feel close even when they are far away

Children Incorporated has affiliated projects, sponsored children and sponsors from all over the world. Most of our sponsors don’t live in the same cities — or even the same states — as the children they support. For many of our sponsored kids, their sponsors live in entirely different countries. But sponsored kids in South Korea — especially those living at the Kwangju Ae Yuk and the Hyungje Children’s Homes — feel the same amount of […]

Conserving Energy in South Korea

At two projects in Busan, energy-saving efforts mean more funds to support children in need

It is more often than not that our affiliated projects, especially outside of the United States, are not housed in modern, state-of-the-art structures. When funds are scarce and money is stretched thin, our volunteer coordinators must focus on making sure our sponsored and unsponsored children are receiving everything they need to succeed, not leaving much for updating infrastructure or repairing buildings. Because of this, we at Children Incorporated many times see dormitories that are run […]