Andreia Beraldo

Andrea Beraldo is the Project Specialist with the International Programs at Children Incorporated. She maintains communication with Children Incorporated project coordinators in Latin America and elsewhere. A native of Brazil, her Spanish and Portuguese skills allow her to translate and process information from our children.She has been working at Children Incorporated since June  2012.  “It is a great honor to work at a place where our jobs go far beyond the normal standards. We work to help […]

Shelley Oxenham

Shelley is the U.S. Project Specialist at Children Incorporated. She is the primary contact for our US volunteer coordinators. A normal day for her includes answering questions and assuaging concerns, opening mail, managing child enrollment, contacting coordinators with sponsor inquiries, and building relationships with our coordinators. She also has the privilege of regular on-site visits with our coordinators. Shelley has been with Children Incorporated since October of 2007. “I have the rewarding and humbling job […]

Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith is the U.S. Sponsorship Manager for Children Incorporated. He serves as a primary point person between Children Incorporated and its sponsors and contributors. A key role is the recruitment and retention of sponsors. Customer service is the cornerstone of the job with sponsor satisfaction as the goal resulting in helping children in need. “It is my goal for every sponsor to have a rewarding experience when sponsoring a child in need.”  

Netiece Miller

As a sponsorship specialist, Netiece’s duties include sending all correspondence from or concerning the child to his or her sponsor.

Magda Kegley

Magda prepares and mails new sponsorship materials, helps with translations, processes progress reports and children’s letters and helps around the office. Magda has been with Children Incorporated since October 21, 1991.

Suzanne Estes

Suzanne Estes is a Sponsorship Specialist at Children Incorporated. As a member of the sponsorship team, she helps our donors stay connected with their sponsored children, primarily through updating child information (progress reports) as it is received from our site coordinators. She also assists with updating child photos, translating child letters, and answering sponsors’ questions by phone or email.  Additionally, she help out with some of Children Incorporated’s IT functionality. “What I love about working at CI […]