Chuck Smith

As Sponsorship Specialist, Chuck serves as a liaison between Children Incorporated and its external stakeholders and is involved in all aspects of making the sponsorship experience rewarding and enjoyable. A few aspects of this position involves giving excellent customer service to sponsors and donors who call the headquarters to review letters and other material sent to the sponsors from the children.

Magda Kegley

Magda prepares and mails new sponsorship materials, helps with the translation of letters from Spanish to English, processes progress reports and children’s letters, and helps with other daily tasks in the office.

Suzanne Estes

As Database Manager, Suzanne helps to maintain Children Incorporated’s IT infrastructure and the internal processes that undergird and facilitate our mission to effectively serve the children at our affiliated sites in the U.S. and around the world.  Additionally, having started out as a member of the Sponsorship Team, she still enjoys finding time to help donors stay connected with the children they sponsor by sending updated child information and translating child letters from Spanish to English. […]

Steven Mitchell

As the Sponsorship Director, Steven serves as the primary liaison between Children Incorporated and the sponsors and contributors for the benefit of the children we serve on our program. It is his goal to address any inquiries, concerns or suggestions from our contributors and sponsors in a timely fashion so that the sponsorship experience can be a most rewarding experience.

Evllyn Manzano

As the Sponsorship Specialist, Evllyn enjoys working with the sponsors and donors when dealing with the specific donations made for the benefit of the children. She also translates letters from sponsored children from Spanish and Portuguese to English for our sponsors. Her goal is to continue to make sponsorship a rewarding and positive experience.