Renée Kube

Renée oversees Children Incorporated’s work in the United States – from the rural southeast and southwest to our urban areas in Detroit, New Orleans, and our nation’s capital – and even in our own backyard in Richmond, Virginia. She works closely with our U.S. Projects Specialist and an outstanding network of more than 100 volunteer coordinators at each project site. For sixteen years, Renée managed our projects in the Appalachian Region before taking her current […]

Shelley Callahan

Shelley manages all communications, marketing, fundraising, grant writing, and special events for the organization. She is also the social correspondent and staff writer for the Children Incorporated On the Road series, which gives sponsors and donors the opportunity to experience first-hand the impact that their donations have on children around the world. “It is really amazing to work with such a small, dedicated staff in an environment where each person in the office is connected […]

Luis Bourdet

Luis coordinates and supervises our affiliated programs and the provisions of services to children in our International Division, which includes Latin America, Africa, and Asia. He evaluates our partnerships on a regular basis, and handles new project affiliation requests, as well as implements special projects to further support the children, their families, and the communities in which they live. He has been with Children Incorporated since 1999. “Seeing first-hand the development that Children Incorporated programs […]