What is sponsorship and why is it important?

The sponsorship relationship enables a donor to help support a needy child by means of monthly contributions, and through the exchange of correspondence with a sponsored child, if the donor so desires.  A sponsor’s friendship and encouragement is priceless to a child in such circumstances. Indeed, many children value the relationships they establish with their sponsors as much as they value the financial support they receive.  There is an opportunity to build a relationship between […]

How do you confirm that your volunteers are implementing your services correctly?

Each volunteer must submit reports verifying that he or she has appropriately managed the Children Incorporated funds.  All project reports are carefully audited at our Richmond, Virginia office.  Additionally, our staff routinely visits project sites to ensure that every volunteer is correctly implementing our program. Our coordinators volunteer with Children Incorporated because we help them to help their children.  Our volunteers take great pains to uphold the integrity of our programs, and we are very […]

Why do you rely on volunteers to implement your programs?

We work primarily with volunteers for two reasons: First, we have found that volunteers are in the best position to meet the unique needs of each child.  All of our volunteers are teachers, social workers, guidance counselors, school principals, or other childcare professionals.  They work with the children enrolled in our sponsorship program on a daily basis, and they observe firsthand the circumstances of each child’s life. Second, working with volunteers allows us to keep […]

How many staff members do you employ?

Children Incorporated employs sixteen paid staff members at our Richmond, Virginia office.  We also employ one regional coordinator in South Korea. In addition to our paid staff, we work with volunteers at nearly 300 project sites, comprising schools, orphanages, and community centers. At least one staff member at each of these sites volunteers to administer our services to children in their care.

Do you have a religious or political affiliation?

No.  Children Incorporated is an independent charity.  We have no religious or political agenda.  Our goal is to assist as many impoverished children as possible, and we respect each child’s religious and cultural heritage. That being said, the projects with which we partner are existing NGOs, and, in some countries, these include childcare facilities that are managed by religious organizations.  For example, we support children who live at the Puente Piedra Girl’s Home, an orphanage […]

How many children do you serve?

Our sponsorship program serves over 10,000 children each year, and Children Incorporated has assisted more than 250,000 children since the founding of our organization in 1964.  In addition, thousands of additional children receive aid each year as a result of contributions from our donors, which allow us to provide feeding programs, aid in educational efforts, and meet health needs as they arise.  Such funds have also enabled us to build a housing development and dormitory […]