A Second Home for Kids

Families in New Mexico decide to convert a school into a dormitory

The town of Bloomfield is located in New Mexico in a desert crisscrossed by gullies where only scrub oak, piñon, and mesquite are hardy enough to survive. Within the town is our affiliated project the Huerfano Dormitory, which was originally designed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs as a school. The Huerfano (pronounced “WAR-fen-oh”) Dormitory was converted into a dormitory when the families that live in the Navajo communities in the outskirts of Bloomfield decided […]

Paying It Forward: Life After Sponsorship

Alesha learned a lot of things too early in life as she watched her father nearly succumb to leukemia, his resulting painkiller addiction, and the financial and psychological quicksand her family struggled in as a result. “I have been through more than most people would want to go through in a lifetime.” Growing up in a small town in Eastern Kentucky, Alesha was surprised to find herself and her family staying with neighbors while her […]