Food Insecurity is Preventable — With Our Help

A Letter from our CEO and President, Ron Carter

 Dear Friends, I grew up in a pretty average family. My parents were down-to-earth, hard-working people who sometimes struggled to make ends meet. There was seldom extra money, yet there were always unexpected medical costs, auto repairs, and other expenses that seemed to pop up. I know my folks sometimes worried about how they were going to pay all the bills, and there were periods where their finances were not very good. Even so, we […]

Understanding Child Poverty: Facts and Statistics

What you should know about child poverty and its impact on children

Poverty means more than a lack of income. It also means a lack of resources to ensure sustainable livelihoods, such as food, clothing, clean water and proper shelter. Poverty has many detrimental outcomes for children — hunger and malnutrition, ill-health, limited or a lack of access to education and other basic services. When children are raised in impoverished households, they often have to drop out of school to help their families or don’t attend school […]

Continuing to Meet the Needs of Children in 2022

A letter from our CEO and President, Ronald H. Carter

Dear Friends, I often share personal stories about the positive effects of our work on children and families. Our Hope In Action Fund is one of the most meaningful ways we improve lives, and our volunteer coordinators, both in the United States and abroad, can testify to that fact on a regular basis, as they witness first-hand the changes among the children in our program that they serve. At Sparta Elementary School, in the scenic […]

Our Back to School Fund Offers More Than Just School Supplies to Children in Need

A Letter From our CEO and President, Ron Carter

My mom and dad were hard-working, lower middle class people, and they did everything in their power to provide for my brother and me. Though their financial situation had improved greatly by the time I reached my teen years, they endured some very difficult times early on. At one point, when I was a small child, my dad lost his job, and with no income being generated, he was unable to pay his bills. His […]

While Waiting for a Sponsor, Children in Need are Not Forgotten

A message from our President and Chief Executive Officer Ronald H. Carter

Dear Friends, People often ask me how the Children Incorporated sponsorship program works. I love having the opportunity to share with them, for it’s my belief that our operation is one of the best. For more than half a century, we have been addressing the most basic and immediate needs of children in the United States and in numerous other countries, and our work has been honored with superb ratings from all of the major charitable monitoring groups […]

Our Volunteer Coordinators on the Frontline of the COVID-19 Outbreak

A note from our President and CEO

Each and every day, we receive photos from our volunteer coordinators as they continue to provide for children in our sponsorship program. These coordinators ensure that children have access to basic needs, including food and educational assistance, throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We are incredibly grateful for these amazing individuals as they work tirelessly to make sure that your contributions are supporting some of the most vulnerable children in the world. Although the updates we receive offer hope, […]