Our Affiliated Project: Wolfe County Middle/High School in Campton, Kentucky

facts about Wolfe County Middle/High School:

  • Grade-levels served: Sixth – twelfth grades
  • Average enrollment: 370 students
  • Facility description: A brick building comprising classrooms, a library, a cafeteria, a gymnasium, an auditorium, workshops, a music/band room, outbuildings, and a recreational area. The cafeteria, library, music room, and art rooms, while of good size, are outdated and in need of repair and new equipment/furnishings.
  • Sports and activities: Extracurricular activities offered include basketball, baseball, cross-country, chess club, Beta Club, academic team, KRA Club, car club, Teens for Christ, and dance club.
  • Special education: Speech, occupational, and physical therapy services are offered to students as needed.
  • Meals: Breakfast and lunch are served daily.
  • Percentage of students eligible for the Federal Free and Reduced-Price Meal program: 80%
  • Academic year: The school year in Kentucky typically begins the first week of August and ends the second week of May. National holidays are observed.
  • Medical care: Two registered nurses are available in the school district to serve students as the need arises.

Nestled in the picturesque Appalachian Mountains and steeped in a rich cultural heritage lies Wolfe County, Kentucky. As is the case for many areas of Appalachia, Wolfe County’s natural beauty belies the abject poverty in which many of its residents live.  In fact, Wolfe County carries the unfortunate distinction of being one of Kentucky’s most impoverished regions. At one time, logging, tourism for nearby mineral springs, and factories provided employment for the majority of this area’s residents.

Today, these industries have vanished, leaving ghost towns, unemployment, and high poverty rates in their wake. High dropout rates and adult illiteracy only serve to fuel the cycle of poverty. For this reason, Wolfe County Middle/High School serves as a beacon of hope for this community.  Its dedicated staff strives to help students break the cycle of poverty that engulfs their county by offering them a well-rounded education and the confidence that they need to become successful members of their community.