Information About
Our Sponsorship Rate

Children Incorporated has always been blessed with incredibly loyal and devoted sponsors — people just like you who want nothing more than to improve the lives of children, and to offer them hope and opportunity for their future. For 60 years, we have worked very hard to make our child sponsorship program both accessible and affordable for our contributors, and we have been diligent about using the funds entrusted to us to benefit the children we serve in the greatest way possible.

Due to the rising cost of living all over the world, it has become necessary for us to increase our monthly rate from $35 to $35 for all new sponsorships. As it is very important to us that this increase directly benefits the children we serve, Children Incorporated will not retain any part of the additional amount — the entire $5 will go toward providing basic needs for every sponsored child. Since our last sponsorship increase in 2018, the value of the dollar has changed significantly, and we have increasingly heard from our volunteer coordinators that it has gotten harder for them to purchase simple items such as food, clothing, school supplies and hygiene items. 

In order to continue to provide the best possible care and assistance to the children in our program, we feel that a rate increase is absolutely necessary at this time. We would like to ask that all of you, our valued sponsors, consider increasing your monthly contributions by $5 per sponsored child. The additional dollars will help us to better provide for the children in our sponsorship program.

Please understand that you are under no obligation to increase your sponsorship rate, though we do hope that you will find it in your hearts to do so for the sake of the children we help. Thank you for your loyal support and for your consideration in this important matter. 


  • Email our sponsorship specialists to update your account at 
  • Call our office at 1-800-538-5381
  • Update your sponsorship rate online by logging into your account on the Children Incorporated website using your email address and password


Please follow these simple steps to increase your sponsorship rate:

  • Log in to your online account (Go to, click “Log In” in the upper right corner, then sign in with your email address and web password).
  • Your “My Sponsorships” screen should load by default. On this screen, click the green “EDIT” button, located in the lower right corner of your (first) sponsored child’s information box.
  • In the popup window that displays, enter the amount by which you would like your sponsorship to increase (for example, if your current rate is $35 and you’d like to increase it to $35, enter “5” in the blank field).
  • The projected new sponsorship rate will calculate immediately to the right of this field, and the line of text underneath will update to display your new monthly rate or recurring contribution amount (if applicable).
  • If/once all looks correct, click the “SAVE CHANGES” button to apply the new rate to your sponsorship.
  • Repeat the above steps for each sponsored child as needed/desired.