Our Affiliated Site: Sparta Elementary School in Sparta, North Carolina


facts about Sparta Elementary School:

  • Grade Levels Served: Preschool – eighth grade
  • Facility Description: A brick building on an expansive campus, comprising classrooms, an auditorium, a library, a gymnasium, a computer lab, two multipurpose rooms and a cafeteria. The most recent renovation was in 2005. Outside, there are large playgrounds and sports fields.
  • Education: The teaching staff is fully certified, and the instruction conforms to the requirements of the state of North Carolina. There are additional courses in industrial arts for boys and homemaking skills and business training for girls.
  • Nutrition: Breakfast and lunch are served on a daily basis.
  • Medical Care:Sparta Elementary School has a school-based health clinic for students, teachers and staff with the purpose of providing comprehensive, coordinated health care during school hours.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Sparta Elementary offers a full program of student activities, clubs and interscholastic sports for boys and girls.

Just south of the Virginia-North Carolina state border, Alleghany County is nestled amid idyllic mountains, only a few miles from the only roadway to be designated part of a U.S. national park — the Blue Ridge Parkway. Thousands of tourists pass through Alleghany County each year to glimpse its spectacular vistas. Despite Alleghany County’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, the vast majority of its residents live well below the federal poverty line. Many local industries have closed in the past decade; and with a general lack of new employment opportunities, unemployment is escalating in Alleghany County. This overwhelming poverty has debilitating effects on children of the region, affecting their self-esteem, health and overall well-being.

For this reason, Sparta Elementary School serves as a beacon of hope to its surrounding community. Students know Sparta Elementary as a place where they can count on receiving a hot meal, as well as respect, care and a quality education — the key to breaking the cycle of poverty.