Shoes and Socks Fund

A few years ago, we asked our supporters to help us to provide 1,000 pairs of shoes for children at our affiliated projects around the world. The response was overwhelming: our donors contributed over $30,000. We were able to send enough funds to purchase over 1,200 quality pairs of shoes for children living in poverty.

This year, we are hoping to raise $50,000 to provide shoes and socks to even more children enrolled in our program.



Why Are Shoes and Socks Important?

– Shoes and socks protect kids’ feet, give them confidence, and keep them healthy so that they may attend school.

– Without shoes and socks, children are vulnerable to soil-transmitted diseases and parasites that can cause illness, and even death.

– When children are ill, they can miss school and fall behind – and unexpected medical expenses may arise for their families.

A message from our President and CEO, Ron Carter:

“Over the years, we have heard many heartbreaking stories about children who are unable to attend school because they don’t have wearable shoes. We have always made a point of providing good, solid shoes to these children, knowing that shoes can be very expensive. As such, our Shoes and Socks Fund has been one of our most meaningful endeavors.”

Giving a child a pair of shoes can be the difference between them going to school or not. Consider making a donation today!