Our Affiliated Site: Shelby Valley High School in Pikeville, Kentucky

facts about Shelby Valley High School:

  • Grades Served: Ninth – twelfth
  • Average Enrollment: 600 students
  • School Facilities: The school comprises a large, brick building that includes classrooms, a cafeteria, and gymnasium.
  • Faculty: There are 45 classroom teachers on staff.
  • Meals: Breakfast and lunch are served daily.
  • Percentage of  Students on the Federal Free or Reduced-Price Meal Program: 48%
  • School Curriculum: The curriculum is based on the KY Program of Studies and the KY Core Content.
  • Sports and Activities: Extracurricular activities offered include football, basketball, soccer, golf, baseball/softball, track, cross country, volleyball, Army JROTC, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, band, and choir.
  • Academic Schedule: The school year typically begins the first week of August and ends the second week of May. Normal holidays are observed.
  • Basic Needs: Our volunteer coordinator determines the individual needs of each sponsored child, and those basic needs are provided to them on a regular basis. Items include but are not limited to clothing, shoes, food, bedding for the home, hygiene items, medications, eyeglasses, and school supplies.

Nestled in picturesque mountains and steeped in a rich cultural heritage, Pike County is situated in the very heart of Appalachia, an economically depressed area that stretches from the Virginias to Tennessee and Kentucky. This region once thrived due to its coal and lumber industries. Then, in 1994, the Eastern Division of Pittston Coal Company closed its mines. Unfortunately, the rugged terrain has effectively blocked other types of industry from settling in this part of Kentucky. Thus, as the mines began to shut down, men who had worked all their lives below ground could not find any new employment on the surface.

Today, rampant unemployment and widespread poverty vividly describe life in Pike County, and their debilitating effects do not only impact adults. Hunger and cold nights in bed are no strangers to many of the children of this area, as their parents struggle to make ends meet. For this reason, Shelby Valley High School serves as a beacon of hope to this community. Its staff is dedicated to helping students break the cycle of poverty that engulfs their county by offering them a well-rounded education and the confidence that they need to become successful members of their community.