Our Affiliated Project: Msamaria Mwema in Nairobi, Kenya


facts about Msamaria Mwema:

  • Grade levels served: First – sixth grades, primarily. The Msamaria Mwema center also contains a nursery and preschool for younger children and offers agricultural and vocational training (screen-printing, tailoring and computer skills) to youth and adults.
  • Average enrollment: Fifty children stay at the orphanage, and primary school students from the surrounding community also attend the center for programs and services.
  • Academic year: The school year in Kenya typically begins in January and ends in November, and is split into three sessions, marked by one two-week break in April and another in August.
  • Daily activities: Children complete a variety of assigned chores to help keep the facilities clean and to maintain the garden. During free time, children enjoy recreational activities. Soccer, volleyball, and netball are especially popular.
  • Nutrition and healthcare: Children receive breakfast, a snack, lunch, and dinner at the center each day. Children’s health is closely monitored, and they receive medical treatment as needed at nearby public medical facilities.

Located in the Great Lakes region of eastern Africa, Kenya is known for its fertile highlands, grassy savannahs, wildlife, and its namesake peak, Mt. Kenya. Its economy relies heavily upon agriculture and tourism. Kenya is also a cradle of civilization, rich in cultural heritage and diversity. The nation’s wealth of natural beauty, resources, and culture, however, belie the poverty in which most of its residents live.

Tragically, destitution and weak government institutions permit frequent violations of human rights. Kenya is also plagued by a severe shortage of healthcare workers, which contributes to lower life expectancies, high infant mortality rates, and widespread preventable disease. The nation’s capital of Nairobi is no exception to these maladies. For this reason, the Msamaria Mwema community center – located just beyond Nairobi’s outskirts and operating as part of the local St. Nicholas Community Development Centre – serves as a beacon of hope. The Mothers’ Union of the Anglican Church of Kenya founded Msamaria Mwema in 1986 as a rescue and rehabilitation center for needy children of the community. The center strives to empower orphans, vulnerable children, and impoverished women through education, vocational training, and the provision of basic needs, like shelter and nutrition. Since the center’s inception, hundreds of children have benefited from the spiritual, emotional, and physical care offered at Msamaria Mwema. The center’s dedicated staff strives to provide each child with not only their immediate needs, but also the opportunity to rise above the difficult socioeconomic circumstances they face – restoring their hope for a brighter future.