Our Affiliated Project: Martha Jane Potter Elementary School in Kona, Kentucky

facts about Martha Jane Potter Elementary School: 

  • Grade-levels served: Kindergarten – fifth grade
  • Average enrollment: 350 students
  • Facility description: The school comprises a one-story, red brick building with 16 classrooms, a special education room, a computer lab, a new library, a cafeteria, and a gymnasium.
  • Percentage of students eligible for the Federal Free and Reduced-Price Meal program: 66%
  • School curriculum: The curriculum is based on the KY Program of Studies and the KY Core Content.
  • Academic schedule: The school year typically begins the first week of August and ends the second week of May. Normal holidays are observed.
  • Special Education: Speech therapy, a special teacher for the vision-impaired, remedial education, a gifted program, and programs for students with learning disabilities are all offered.
  • Sports and activities: Extracurricular activities include a Student Technology Leadership Program, family literacy nights, scouting, summer reading camp, cheerleading, pom-pom squad, basketball, football, marching band, softball, volleyball, academic teams, Challenger Center workshops, ceramic nights, gymnastics, and art/humanities showcases.

Martha Jane Potter Elementary School is located in Kona, Kentucky, in rural and mountainous Letcher County. Located in the heart of Kentucky’s Eastern Coal Region, Letcher County holds the unfortunate distinction of having the second-largest unemployment rate in Kentucky. Coal from this region once fueled factories, powered locomotives, and heated millions of homes.  However, the coal industry, which once employed the majority of the area’s workforce, has sharply declined due to automation and the increased use of other fuels. Lack of employment opportunities has resulted in widespread poverty, along with associated socioeconomic issues such as drug abuse, obesity, and domestic issues.

For this reason, Martha Jane Potter Elementary School serves as a beacon of hope for this community, providing its students with a well-rounded education – the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and helping children rise above the difficult circumstances in which they come.