Our Affiliated Project: Crum PreK-8 School in Crum, West Virginia

facts about Crum PreK-8 School:

  • Grades served: Prekindergarten – eighth grade
  • Average enrollment: 690 students
  • Facility description: A newly-constructed building, first open to students in the Fall of 2017, comprising classrooms, an auditorium, gymnasium and cafeteria. This facility was constructed to replace the original Crum Elementary School and Crum Middle School buildings, both of which had been standing since 1938 and were in poor condition.
  • Nutrition: A nutritious breakfast and lunch are served daily.
  • Percentage of students who qualify for the Federal Free/Reduced-Price Meal program: 100%
  • Transportation: Many of the students are bused in from remote areas, having to rise before dawn and sometimes travel up to a mile to get to the nearest bus stop. In winter, icy conditions tend to render the winding mountain roads impassable.
  • Special education: Special courses are offered for students with reading difficulties, and a special education department provides special care for students with mental disabilities.
  • Medical care: A part-time registered nurse treats students as the need arises.
  • Activities: The school offers a variety of student activities, clubs and interscholastic sports.

Wayne County lies nestled amid the vast natural beauty of the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia. At one time, Crum was a bustling community with a vibrant economy, bolstered by the now-struggling coal mining industry. In recent years, mining companies have been forced to lay off workers or shut down altogether, and unemployment in this region has risen dramatically. Like many small towns in this rural part of West Virginia, Crum is quite remote, affording very few job opportunities and necessitating long commutes to even a decent grocery store. Residents who choose to stay here — where their families have lived for generations — often live well below the poverty line and face unspeakable struggles.

Crum’s residents are hearty and resilient, and Crum PreK-8 School serves as a testament to their fortitude. Constructed to combine and replace our long-standing affiliated Crum Elementary School and Crum Middle School, Crum PreK-8 School serves as a beacon of hope and a safe haven, one of the few places where area children can just be kids and escape the overwhelming stress of poverty. Here, students receive support, encouragement and warm, nutritious meals. They are also empowered with a well-rounded education — the key to breaking the cycle of poverty.