Shelley Oxenham

U.S. Project Specialist

Shelley is the U.S. Project Specialist at Children Incorporated. She is the primary contact for our US volunteer coordinators. A normal day for her includes answering questions and assuaging concerns, opening mail, managing child enrollment, contacting coordinators with sponsor inquiries, and building relationships with our coordinators. She also has the privilege of regular on-site visits with our coordinators. Shelley has been with Children Incorporated since October of 2007.

“I have the rewarding and humbling job of working with our programs in the United States. Several times a year I travel to different parts of the country to visit with our volunteer coordinators and meet the children on the CI program. During one of my visits to a school in Kentucky, a mother told me that that her son receives wonderful letters and cards from his sponsor, and he keeps all of the correspondence displayed on a shelf in his room. She said if her son was ever to meet his sponsor, he would be speechless; it would be like meeting a superhero. Thank you, donors and sponsors, for being superheroes to our children in the US and abroad!”