Evllyn Manzano

Sponsorship Retention Specialist

As the Sponsorship Retention Specialist, Evllyn enjoys working with the sponsors and donors when dealing with the specific donations made for the benefit of the children. She communicates with sponsors in assisting with the paid through dates of the sponsorships along with updating credit card information which may need to be reviewed or changed in a particular sponsorship profile. She also translates letters from sponsored children from Spanish and Portuguese to English for our sponsors. Her goal is to continue to make sponsorship a rewarding and positive experience.


 Being part of Children Incorporated is a truly enriching experience. Every day in the office I learn something new, I get to speak with our wonderful sponsors, and many times I get to know their stories, and how much help our children means to them. It is beyond fulfilling to be part of a place that you know go above, and beyond to make children’s lives better.