Our Work 2014

To underprivileged children with resources to help break the cycle of poverty and give a child hope for a brighter tomorrow.

How you can help

Your gift to Children Incorporated will provide the children in our programs with basic life-saving necessities like food, clothing, healthcare, and education.  Whether you choose to sponsor an individual child or simply to make a one-time donation, your partnership with us will positively impact the lives of children in need around the world!

2. Special Projects

Our special projects expand our reach beyond our sponsorship program

Pinagpala Feeding Program in the Philippines

Providing food for children after school on a regular basis so they can strive as individuals in their learning environment. Donate to our Pingpala Feeding Program

Medications for children in Kenya

Donate to our Warm Clothing Fund

Mosquito Nets

In Kenya, children are in need of mosquito nets to protect them from disease so they are healthy enough to attend school.
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Back to School Fund

Back to school is one of the hardest times of the years for children. Contributions to the Back to School fund help children receive additional clothes and school supplies so they are ready for the school year!
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Back Pack Feeding

In the U.S., many children go home after school or on the weekends and do not have food to eat. Our back pack feeding fund allows coordinators to purchase additional food for children who are struggling desperately.

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North America

Here in our own country nearly 22% of all children live in poverty.  Children Incorporated is working to make a difference in their lives across 11 states and the District of Columbia.  Over 4,800 children and youth are currently enrolled in our sponsorship program, and our special programs reach almost 10,000 children and youth each year.

South America

Over 1520 children are currently enrolled in our sponsorship programs in eight countries (all minus Panama, Venezuela, the Guyana’s, Surinam). We support homes, schools, child welfare centers, and special projects such as teaching vegetable home production, nutritional programs, and self-sustainability programs at a supported child-family level.


Over 670 children are currently enrolled in our sponsorship programs in two countries: Kenya and Ethiopia. We support  homes for children, orphanages, schools, and child welfare centers.  Special projects funded include infrastructure for new schools, medical clinics, dorms, water distribution, nutritional programs, preventive medicine and practice.


Children Incorporated has projects in Korea, the Philippines, India, and Sri Lanka helping thousands of child each year with food, clothing, and education needs.