Sponsored children in Jackson County, Kentucky

What we do

Children Incorporated relies entirely upon our sponsors and donors in order to carry out our life-changing work. Much of our work is accomplished by way of child sponsorships. Children Incorporated maintains approximately 300 affiliated program sites in 23 countries, including the United States. At each site, we provide support to local volunteer coordinators who help nurture the children in their care, addressing their needs personally, on a case-by-case basis.

We also facilitate many donation opportunities for special programs, or to support one of our many special funds which ensure we can help children, ad their families, and the communities in which they live, facing difficult situations, like natural disasters.

Your sponsorship or gift to Children Incorporated provides children with basic  necessities like food, clothing, healthcare, and education.  Whether you choose to sponsor an individual child or to simply make a one-time donation, your partnership with us will positively impact the lives of children in need around the world!

Ways to help a child:

Children Incorporated provides for the needs of impoverished children through two primary approaches:

1. Child Sponsorship


Your sponsorship does more than feed or clothe a child- it has the potential to change lives too. Your support goes beyond helping to meet basic and critical needs today- it is an investment in the future. You are letting a child know that you care about him or her and his or her well-being. This message leaves a lasting impact on a child’s life.

Children Incorporated relies upon our donors and individual sponsors to partner with us in our efforts to provide eduction, hope, and opportunity to children around the world. Our life-changing work would not be possible without you.

Sponsor a Child


Our policy has always been to consider the needs of each sponsored children on an individual basis. Different than other child sponsorship organizations, our volunteer coordinators personally shop for the children enrolled in their respective schools, orphanages, and community center on a regular basis- and therefore, they know each individual circumstance and need.

Where your support goes









2. Special Programs

Our special prOGRAMS expand our reach beyond sponsorship

International Feeding Program FUND

The International Feeding Programs feed children so they are alert at school and ready to learn. We provide funds for programs in the Philippines, Kenya, and Ethiopia to buy grains, meets, vegetables, as well as cooking supplies.

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Back to School Fund

Back to school is one of the hardest times of year for children. Contributions to the Back to School Fund help children receive additional clothing items and school supplies so they are ready for the school year!

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tutoring program FUND

Children all over the world are in need of additional assistance after school, and Children Incorporated helps to provide funding for supplies and funds to hire tutors for many of our projects in Brazil.

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Backpack Feeding PROGRAM FUND

In the United States, many children go home after school or on the weekends and do not have food to eat. Our backpack feeding program allows coordinators to purchase additional food for children who are struggling to eat at home.

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Mosquito Net FUND

In countries where mosquito-borne diseases threaten our sponsored children, like in Kenya, we provide mosquito nets to protect them so they are healthy enough to attend school. We also provide nets for their siblings and caretakers as well in their homes.
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Warm Clothing Fund

Impoverished children in the United States are in need all year long, but especially during the winter. Donations to our Warm Clothing Fund support children in need during the long winter months.

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Here in our own country nearly 22% of all children live in poverty. Children Incorporated is working to make a difference in their lives across 11 states and the District of Columbia. Over 4,800 children and youth are currently enrolled in our sponsorship program, and our special programs reach almost 10,000 children and youth each year.


Over 1520 children are currently enrolled in our sponsorship programs in eight countries (all minus Panama, Venezuela, the Guyana’s, Surinam). We support homes, schools, child welfare centers, and special projects such as teaching vegetable home production, nutritional programs, and self-sustainability programs at a supported child-family level.


Over 670 children are currently enrolled in our sponsorship programs in two countries: Kenya and Ethiopia. We support homes for children, orphanages, schools, and child welfare centers. Special projects funded include infrastructure for new schools, medical clinics, dorms, water distribution, nutritional programs, preventive medicine and practice.


Children Incorporated has projects in Korea, the Philippines, India, and Sri Lanka helping thousands of children each year with food, clothing, and education needs.

Where We Work

Children Incorporated’s status as an international non-profit organization allows us to affiliate with already-established schools, orphanages, and childcare centers to address the specific needs of the children they serve. Each of our roughly 300 projects has its own local staff members who administer our programs on a volunteer basis. By working together, we are able to reduce our administrative costs while staying true to our vision – we serve thousands of needy children each year in 23 countries, including the United States.

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You can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the life of a child


Last Year Alone, oUR supporters provided:

-Children in the Philippines and Kenya with meals throughout the school year
-Thousands of children in Kentucky with food on the weekends
-School supplies for more than 10,000 children all year long
-Hundreds of mosquito nets for children and families in Kenya
-Hundreds of coats, gloves, and boots to children in the United States
-dozens of hearing aids for deaf children in Lebanon 
-3,500 sponsored children new clothes this school year in the United States 
 tens of thousands of children with holiday gifts all over the world


Won’t you join us in our efforts?

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