Escaping a Poor Education

In El Salvador, the Marillac School provides a quality academic experience for children

In the town of Santa Tecla, located six miles west of El Salvador’s capital, San Salvador, our affiliated project, the Marillac School is providing children with the opportunity to receive an education — and a quality one at that. Communities and schools around the world face barriers in providing children with a quality education. Founded in 1940 by the Sisters of the Order of St. Vincent de Paul, the school serves as not only an […]

A Blooming School in El Salvador

Escuela Santa Luisa’s improved school buildings are impressive

Abundant in rivers, lakes and fertile, tropical farmland, El Salvador’s natural beauty traverses a vast central plateau bordered by Pacific coastal plains to the south and rugged mountains to the north. For centuries, several Mesoamerican nations called this land home, including the Lenca, Olmec, Maya and Pipil/Cutcatlec. “Santa Luisa is blooming. They have added new classrooms for the children. There were new labs for skills training programs, and a small kitchen was built as well,” […]

Impacted for a Lifetime

The mother of two formerly sponsored children in Chile fondly remembers her daughter’s sponsors

In 1895, the Santiago Day School in Chile was founded as a school for girls who came from impoverished — and often neglectful and abusive — families. Today, this Children Incorporated affiliated project continues to serve girls and their families who reside in downtown Santiago — 30% of whom are living below the poverty line. Thanks to their sponsors, sponsored students receive food, school supplies and school uniforms. For those children whose families cannot afford […]

Room to Grow in Honduras

Amidst overcrowding concerns in schools, the Siguatepeque Primary School offers a spacious learning environment

Nestled in northern Central America, Honduras was once home to several Mesoamerican peoples — most notably, the Maya. This ecologically diverse land — with its rainforests, cloud forests, savannas, mountain ranges and a barrier reef system off the northern coast — teems with life.  Its wealth of natural resources is equally impressive, including a variety of minable minerals as well as agricultural exports such as coffee, tropical fruit, sugar cane and lumber. Moreover, Honduras’ growing […]

Excelling in San Pedro Sula

At the Maria Reyna Home, children from impoverished backgrounds are excellent students

Honduras’s industrial center and second-largest city, San Pedro Sula, has a reputation for being dangerous. Deemed the “murder capital of the world” for almost a decade until 2016, crime and economic distress have led to the mass migration of Honduran minors seeking safety from gangs and drug-related violence. But for those children who have no choice but to stay behind and face the harsh realities of their environment, places such as our affiliated project the […]

A Shining Light in the Culture Capital of Argentina

The Casa del Niño - Padre Kentenich Daycare Center in Buenos Aires has a bright future

Renowned for its wealth of culture, arts and beautiful European-style architecture, Buenos Aires draws thousands of tourists each year. However, there is a hidden side of the city that few tourists experience. Extremely high inflation, rising unemployment and an increasing poverty rate leave many parents struggling to feed their children.  As a result, impoverished families are forced to live in Buenos Aires’s slum neighborhoods, packed together in wooden shacks with tin roofs, separated by narrow […]