The Toll of Political Turmoil on Children

In Lebanon, sponsored and unsponsored children are affected by internal and external issues

Lebanon’s political climate has long been riddled with conflict, which is often further stirred by external factors. Thankfully, however, our affiliated projects the Armenian Evangelical Schools (AES), a group of affordable private schools, offer a well-rounded education to children living in poverty and suffering from political turmoil. Compared to public schools in Lebanon, however, the AES offer a much higher quality education. Children are provided with more educational tools and resources than the alternative public […]

Aiming to Prepare Deaf Children for the World

In Lebanon, one of our affiliated projects teaches hearing-impaired students invaluable skills

The Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf, or FAID, is one of the few schools in Lebanon that provide an education to hearing-impaired children. A long-time Children Incorporated affiliated project, FAID supports about 100 students every day, many of them refugee children from neighboring countries – primarily Syria. FAID’s mission:  To act as a caring institute for the deaf and hard of hearing, which reflects a healthy balance of academic goals and building self-esteem, self-awareness, […]

Visiting Lebanon and South Korea

In the two diverse nations, Luis Bourdet finds that sponsorship support is more important than ever

After many years of not being able to visit Lebanon and South Korea, where we support hundreds of children through our sponsorship program, our International Programs Director, Luis Bourdet, was finally able to visit both countries at the end of last year. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing stories about Luis’ visits to our projects in Lebanon and South Korea. “In recent years, great turmoil and many political issues have created instability […]

Limited Housing for Students in Hazard

Low-income families in Perry County, Kentucky are lacking affordable housing options

Perry County Central High School is located in the city of Hazard in Perry County in the Eastern Kentucky Coalfield. Hazard, once a nineteenth-century settlement with a booming coal mining community, is nestled in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. The geographic isolation of Perry County has led to deep-rooted preservation of this region’s rich culture; but this has also contributed to economic stagnation over the years. Families that do not have steady or sufficient incomes often […]

Sending Rebecca to Prom

A local community in Leslie County, Kentucky steps up to help low-income students have a special night

Founded in 1878, Leslie County lies nestled in the rural foothills of Kentucky’s Eastern Coalfield region. Despite its wealth of natural beauty and proud history, this region suffers from widespread poverty and deprivation. Once bolstered by the area’s booming coal and lumber industries, the county’s economy is now deteriorating. Between 2013 and 2015 alone, Leslie County suffered a loss of 700 coal-mining jobs, with no foreseeable recovery in the coal industry. The resulting unemployment left […]

Fitting In with the Crowd

Our program has kept one special student from feeling different from other kids

Situated in the hilly rural Eastern Kentucky Coalfield region of Appalachia, Leslie County is an area of stark contrasts. Its breathtaking rugged beauty and veins of coal drew its first residents there more than a century ago; and for generations, coal mining served as a primary source of employment for its residents. For some students, whether they are sponsored or not, our program not only provides them with basic needs, but it also affords them […]