Connecting Communities Through School

At Hart Middle School, a unique program pushes to bring children and adults together to support education

Hart Middle School in Washington, D.C. is located in the Congress Heights neighborhood of Ward 8. The school serves 357 students in grades sixth through eighth. Its student demographics are 98% black, 1% Hispanic/Latino, and 1% other. Seventy-four percent of the children come from within the district boundary. Twenty-one percent receive special education services — and 100% of students are considered economically disadvantaged. “Our Volunteer Coordinator at Hart Middle is named Ashley. She has been […]

A New Lease on Life in Colombia

Two of our sponsored children moved out of a dangerous living situation thanks to our volunteer coordinator

Last year, Children Incorporated Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, and Director of Development, Shelley Callahan, visited our affiliated project, the Centro de Orientacion, in Manizales, Colombia. During their trip, they met with a family of two of our sponsored children who were living in a difficult and dangerous situation — and one from which they desperately wanted to escape. “The home was in terrible condition. The children showed us a hole in the floor […]

Overcoming Personal Challenges in D.C.

School administrators at Cardozo Education Campus help students who come from difficult backgrounds

Washington D.C. boasts some of the highest rents in the country and is home to many wealthy Americans. Yet, for many families, food security and affordable housing are constant issues. In areas where our affiliated project is located, there are often more convenience stores than grocery stores with healthy food items. In terms of housing, rent in D.C. tends to be higher than the national average. A family is considered rent overburdened when they pay […]

Taking Care of Families in Honduras

Our COVID-19 Response Fund is providing crucial relief to our sponsored children

In Honduras, where lack of adequate funding has led to inadequacies within the healthcare system, COVID-19 is a massive threat. For those Hondurans living in poverty, who rely on earning money daily to provide for their families, they often can’t stay home to protect themselves. Thankfully, our COVID-19 Response Fund and our incredible sponsors offer support to sponsored children, which relieves their parents from some of the enormous burdens they feel as they struggle to […]

Low Resources in Bolivia

Without support from Children Incorporated, many families would go without essential items during the COVID-19 crisis

Not unlike many of the other 21 countries in which we work, parents living in poverty in Bolivia are struggling to support their families while they are out of work. Many of Bolivia’s citizens live off of what they can sell daily in their communities, the COVID-19 lockdown has meant a lack of income — and an inability to buy vital resources for their children. Thankfully, our COVID-19 Response Fund is supporting families during this […]

Isolated but Not Forgotten

Our sponsored children in Brazil are grateful for the support they are receiving from their sponsors

Although much of the world is living in some type of isolation for the foreseeable future, the support from our sponsors helps our sponsored children and their families feel loved and taken care of in these uncertain times. Our volunteer coordinator at our affiliated project, the Recanto Esperança Center in Brazil, writes to us about how the support of our donors is making an impact on children in need. “We are fine, still in isolation. […]