Visiting Lebanon and South Korea

In the two diverse nations, Luis Bourdet finds that sponsorship support is more important than ever

After many years of not being able to visit Lebanon and South Korea, where we support hundreds of children through our sponsorship program, our International Programs Director, Luis Bourdet, was finally able to visit both countries at the end of last year. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing stories about Luis’ visits to our projects in Lebanon and South Korea. “In recent years, great turmoil and many political issues have created instability […]

The High Cost of City Living

Big city locations mean higher costs of care for children’s homes in South Korea

No matter where you are in the world, it tends to be more expensive to live in big cities. Rent and housing costs in major cities are often higher than in rural areas. Products purchased in stores can be more costly as well in urban settings — including basic needs like food and clothing. “Of all the homes I have visited in South Korea, the Shin Mang Ae Children’s Home receives the largest allocation per […]

The Value of Respect and Encouragement

There are many reasons that children—no matter their background—deserve respect and encouragement as they grow. But when it comes to kids from impoverished households or children who are orphaned, it is especially important to show them respect and encouragement. For these children—like the ones who live at the So Jun Children’s Home in South Korea—having adults motivate them and treat them with dignity helps their self-esteem and provides them the drive they need to achieve […]

To Be Loved and Looked After

A nurturing home environment and sponsorship support help orphaned children in South Korea

We know well that sponsorship support is valuable to children living in poverty both physically and psychologically. That was especially apparent for our Director of International Programs Luis Bourdet while he was visiting the Sung Ae Children’s Home in South Korea. According to our volunteer coordinator, Ms. Cho, who oversees all of our projects in South Korea, the support received from Children Incorporated sponsors is valuable in many different ways. While at the home in […]

Surrounded By Beauty in the Land of the Morning Calm

Homes in South Korea offer children scenic landscapes in which to grow up

For over 2000 years, Koreans have been shaping the world around them, creating beautiful landscapes through refined gardening. While visiting our affiliated projects in South Korea, this was apparent to our International Director of Programs, Luis Bourdet. With each home he visited, Luis found that sponsored children in our program were growing up in environments surrounded by nature’s beauty. The homes also provided them with safe and comfortable places to play, exercise and develop into […]

No Distance Too Great

For kids in South Korea, sponsors feel close even when they are far away

Children Incorporated has affiliated projects, sponsored children and sponsors from all over the world. Most of our sponsors don’t live in the same cities — or even the same states — as the children they support. For many of our sponsored kids, their sponsors live in entirely different countries. “I feel that the children are receiving incredible support here thanks to the administration and our sponsors. Last year alone, seven of the eight high school […]