My Sponsor Story: Appreciating the Sweetness in Life

An interview with sponsor Kathy Niles

After hearing story after story from her friend Hilary about child sponsorship through Children Incorporated, Kathy Niles decided she wanted to sponsor a child of her own. Little did she know that sponsorship would lead to unforgettable travels with her friend, getting to know several children – and an even deeper understanding of and appreciation for Native American culture. We caught up with Kathy to find out about her experiences as a child sponsor, and […]

My Sponsor Story: A Chance at the American Dream

When Ann and Bob Underwood first signed on as sponsors through Children Incorporated in 2006, they were looking for an opportunity to help poor children in the U.S. We knew that there are also American children in great need. Ten years and 27 sponsored kids later, they remain steadfast in their commitment to help give underprivileged children a chance at the American Dream. To date, eleven of the children sponsored by the Underwoods have successfully […]

How a ’90s Best Seller is Helping Kids in Honduras Today

A Pilot Reflects on Nearly Twenty Years of Sponsorship

In 1997, Southwest Airlines distributed thousands of copies of Dr. Richard Carlson’s best seller Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff to its employees – including pilot Don Wyatt of Palm Coast, Florida. Inspired by the sentiment of the book, Wyatt wanted to give back. And since the late author was a strong supporter of Children Incorporated, Wyatt began to research the organization. “There are many fine agencies to choose from, but my personal favorite is Children […]

“I Won’t let him down”

Counting on Friendship From Across The Miles

On our site visit to Guadalajara last fall we met young Renaldo*. The five-year-old is the youngest of three children in his family, and he attends the La Luz (in English, “The Light”) Children’s Home, a home for children who have one or both parents serving time in prison. When we met Renaldo, he was making a special picture for his sponsor, Stephen Suelzle, a printer who lives 2,469 miles away from him in Portland, […]

Letters from Abel

A Veterinarian Shares Her Sponsor Story

Let’s get right to it: We would be nowhere without your support.  Sponsors make it possible for Children Incorporated to help hundreds of thousands of children around the globe rise above poverty. Kids like Abel, the tenth grader Shelley and Luis visited last June in Ethiopia, depend on sponsors for supplies and flourish because they know someone out there cares about them. Abel is in the top five of his class! We contacted Abel’s longtime […]